Our Process


If you are a new or soon-to-be amputee, or exploring a better fit or superior care, the first step on the road to success is a visit with one of our patient care coordinators. During this introduction to our services, our focus is to listen to your goals and needs, and educate you as to how El Paso Prosthetic Center will help you reach your destination. We will clearly lay out a timeline and articulate the expectations for your journey. Here we will answer questions, identify personal prosthetic needs to ensure success, collect provider information, and discuss insurance coverage and care. Often times patients desire to hear the testimony of current patients by connecting with an amputee ambassador. This connection may be facilitated prior to this initial intake meeting or during this time together. Intake will involve collecting insurance information, a list of physicians, family members and a brief history of care.

Again, if you would like to connect with an amputee ambassador during this visit or over the phone, kindly communicate this request with our representative or use the following link provided. Connect with a former patient >


El Paso Prosthetic Center will communicate with your insurance provider and discover the percentage of coverage allowed by your individual plan. We can answer questions regarding working with Medicare, private insurance plans, and even direct you to the resources available for patients who might not have insurance coverage. There are state funded programs available for those who qualify. Up front we clearly articulate the cost billable to insurance and discuss payment options if necessary.


After you feel comfortable and understand the process and technology that our partnership offers, El Paso Prosthetic Center will consult with your medical providers to obtain all medical documentation necessary.



Following insurance verification and receiving all the necessary documentation from your referring physician, our licensed practitioners will schedule an evaluation. He or she will evaluate the strength and range of motion of your residual limb. In addition, the practitioner will perform the Amputee Mobility Predictor (AMP) test. The AMP test assists the prosthetist in determining the appropriate comments and K level of your condition. General medical history will be noted as well as a custom evaluation of your limb. The information collected during this visit is crucial for our central fabrication lab to create a custom prosthesis just for you.


The fabrication laboratory is where the prosthetist and technicians work diligently on shaping and molding your socket for a comfortable fit. The appropriate components selected for your prosthesis will be paired with your custom socket design and ready for final inspection and delivery. You will receive your new technology within one to two weeks from the date of the evaluation.



Delivery day is an exciting day! The practitioner will coordinate this appointment with you, your family and possibly the therapist that will be working with you as you continue your journey. The fit of the socket will be verified for comfort and satisfaction. Expect height and comfort adjustments to provide the greatest possible success. How to apply the prosthesis, education on gait training, and care and upkeep will be included during this appointment. Regardless if you are well versed in prosthetic care or if this is your very first prosthesis, our team is committed to excellence! Time, attention to detail, education and communication are key.


Because you are the heart of El Paso Prosthetic Center, anytime during this process and certainly following delivery, we are committed to you. Our Continuous Care Plan is designed to intentionally keep your care active and progressive. Our staff will reach out with personal calls to ensure your satisfaction and answer and address any concerns that arise. In addition, a scheduled home visits for continuous care will allow the practitioner to monitor progress, evaluate changes and assess wear and tear. Newly amputated patients will continue to see physiological changes up to 18 months post operative. In addition, you will experience volume fluctuations that may or may not need addressing to ensure comfort and preserve the integrity of the limb. Our team is readily equipped and experienced to address any request or changes that may arise. Amputees need reliable service and care for the duration of their journey. We are committed to go the distance!