prosthetic services

The heart of El Paso Prosthetic Center is to focus on ease of care for the patient and family. We specialize in mobile prosthetic care—that is, we bring prosthetic care to the patient’s home or supporting healthcare facility. This type of care allows us to factor in the patient’s daily environment to create a custom care plan to ensure success.



Transtibial - Below Knee Amputation (BKA)

Transtibial or BKA amputations are performed between the knee and ankle joints. The preservation of the knee in this type of amputation allows the patient to maintain great control and stability of his/her prosthesis. Our custom molded sockets are 99% wound free. Patients experience comfort, articulating ankle joints and proprioception with a split toe foot that is designed to navigate easily over changes in terrain.

Transfemoral - Above Knee Amputation (AKA)

Transfemoral or AKA amputations are carried out between the knee and hip joints. With the sophisticated and lightweight knee components available, these patients have the potential to return to daily activities with security, ease and comfort. Our ischial containment socket design was developed by one of our experienced prosthetists and is unlike any other on the market.

Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy:

Hip disarticulations and hemipelvectomies are amputations performed through the hip joint and pelvis. This patient will discover a new approach to walking involving a swinging motion with their prosthesis. With our expertise and design, the patient has the technology to walk again.



Wrist Disarticulation:

A wrist disarticulation is an amputation performed through the wrist joint. New myoelectric technology is available to help patients regain function for daily activities, whether shaking a hand or getting dressed.

Transradial - Below Elbow Amputation (BEA)

Transradial or BEA amputations occur between the wrist and the elbow. Restoring function with this type of amputation is possible with passive or powered, myoelectric prostheses. Depending on the prosthetic device selected, components may be interchangeable for a desired function. Prostheses intended for cosmetic, “life-like” purposes are available as well. One of a kind prostheses can be fabricated for patients seeking a specific usage or task, e.g. playing the guitar.


Transhumeral - Above Elbow Amputation (AEA)

Transhumeral or AEA amputations are performed between the shoulder and elbow joints. Both passive and powered, myoelectric prostheses are available to restore function for daily activities. Our practitioners have successfully fit patients with prostheses consisting of myoelectric elbows, writs and hands.

Shoulder Disarticulation:

An amputation through the shoulder joint is called a shoulder disarticulation. Lightweight prostheses for cosmetic purposes are available as well as advanced technology for multifunctional purposes.